What has remained unchanged in recent years are values, commitment and vision. A leitmotiv that the two founders with their sons Verdiana and Angelo Toma, plan and develop, creating future business strategies that will lead the Toma Italian Brands group

In 2019 the entrepreneurial dream of Salvatore and Sergio celebrated the first twenty-five years of incessant activity. What started as a project in 1994 has now become a structured group, Toma Italian Brands, creator, manufacturer and distributor of Italian brands.

In the 1990’s, Angelo’s two sons Salvatore and Sergio, perceiving the changes that the clothing sector would face shortly therafter, decided to invest in a new business vision, a wide-range project that aimed to reach distant horizons. In 1994 they founded

Three of Brigida and Salvatore’s six sons went on, inspired by their parent’s initiative, to produce and market clothing in Southern Italy. Not with a few sacrifices, the three brothers: Gino, Michele and Angelo Toma built, over the years, a reality

A story that has its root in Sava, land of the great and precious vineyards and centuries-old olive groves, in Puglia in the 1940s when Brigida, a woman of strong determination and singular character with the support of her talented