One of the leading sectors of the economy is undoubtedly the fashion industry, which in Apulia boasts many excellent companies. Among these is the Toma Italian Brands Group, a leader in the fashion sector, specifically menswear, with its headquarters in Sava. With a history now in its fourth generation, tradition and innovation are the combination that characterises the company’s activities.

Currently the group, which owns the Angelo Toma, Celebrity and Havana&Co brands, is also the licensee of the Ungaro Paris brand.

The group – has an internal workforce of 50 and 400 external employees (smiths and workshops in Apulia). Turnover is around 10 million euros.

The markets – The Toma Group has a widespread presence in the Italian market and an articulated distribution in the Russian (above all) Asian and European markets, thus keeping up the prestige of Made in Puglia, true Made in Italy.

In Italy and abroad Made in Puglia conquers the markets

The new trends – “Today fashion,” says Verdiana Toma, Head of Marketing and Communication for the Toma Italian Brands Group, “is no longer exclusively produced, it becomes lifestyle, which includes all those aspects that affect the life of the end consumer. People choose to dress consciously with a view to coherence with other areas of life, including respect for nature in the surrounding context”.

Sustainability – “The issue of sustainability,” says Verdiana Toma, “is an important one for the fashion industry. The Toma Italian Brands Group has activated protocols within its production processes to reduce waste, giving weight to the reuse of raw materials. Unfortunately, there have been increases in raw materials, as in all sectors, including fashion.

Increases that also concern accessories – we are talking about 31-35 per cent price increases. “The uncertainty that companies are experiencing is due to the continuous increase in these costs, which are not stabilising. We find ourselves in the situation of buying raw materials for the autumn-winter 2022 samples without the guarantee that prices will remain stable for the production of the same collections.

This ‘uncertainty’, stresses Verdiana Toma, has an impact on sales lists. In this regard, the group has already absorbed the above-mentioned increases last season without burdening its customers”. Fashion that is less fast and more memorable over time is another challenge that big brands like Toma are pursuing. In the attention to detail, in the search for innovative fabrics and in a style that defines the character of each brand.

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